When my children were 1,3, and 5 years old, 40 years ago, my friend Janet and I longed for more places to go with small children, to have fun and socialize particularly in the winter or in bad weather . We lived in a wonderful neighborhood as so many of us do in Natick but the need for low cost, social opportunities which we could do with our children was ever present. We decided that we could start an indoor playground and we did . To see how far it has come today is really impressive and so rewarding to us. The structure of the program and the equipment seem outstanding and the testimonials let Janet and I know that we have exceeded our originally modest expectations. This coming week my former 5 year old son,( now in his 40’s ) and I are going to bring my youngest granddaughter who is 2 to NCP for a visit. We want to see it up close and experience the gratitude Janet and I feel to all of you for carrying this idea on for all these decades.
Janet and I are now in our 70’s, still close and involved in each others lives. For both of us finding fun things to do with our grandchildren is now just as much a part of our lives , as in the early years of NCP !

Greetings to NCP parents from one of the founders! I recently visited your web site, and am so impressed with what you’ve developed over the years.
When I lived on MacArthur Road in Natick, my neighbor and still-good-friend knew that our children needed to have some large-muscle play space
in the winter. I approached the First Congregational Church, and they agreed to let us use a large empty room. We put up posters in laundromats
and stores around town. This was in the late fall, I think, of 1971, or the first of 1972. Our publicity stressed that we were a ‘playground,’ and therefore
mothers would stay and socialize. On opening day, Betty and I loaded our cars with tricycles, scooters, balls, tumbling mats and toy trucks. About 30 women
showed up! This was not, needless to say, the well-organized set-up that new members of NCP can count upon. One mother asked us “why don’t you have
any toys for girls?” We awakened to the fact that Betty and I had five boys between us, and hadn’t thought in those terms. However, all of us formed a loose organization,
gathered a wider range of equipment (which we had to haul for each session) and things settled down. After about six months the church needed the space,
but found us a new spot at Walnut Hill School. During 1973, new leadership emerged, and once my children were eligible for nursery school I participated
less and less. After that, the leaders made an agreement with the then First Baptist Church, and you’re still in that building. The original need, for parents
to connect and support each other, and learn together, is still a strong need. NCP is meeting that with verve, expertise, and dedication. Congratulations!”
~From Janet Parsons Mackey, Co-Founder of NCP

“We had just moved to Natick and heard about NCP. I had two toddlers and joined because I was looking for things for them to do. I had no idea it would become the best thing for ME to do! I met the people who would become some of my closest friends and we still get together regularly even though our oldest children are now in middle school. You don’t know it at the time, but by joining NCP, you’ll be creating a means for your very young children to make lasting friendships across ages and genders that really makes a difference as they move into elementary school and beyond. It’s also a great way to develop a core group of adult friends who may be outside of your neighborhood and school district. I can’t say enough about how much I loved my time at NCP!”
~Zandra, past member for 6 years

“My first year at Playgroup was a really fun way to start each week, both for me and my 4 and 2 year old. They loved having a big open space with lots of other kids to play with and I loved talking with the other moms and watching the kids have fun. I wish I’d discovered it earlier!”
~Tory, Current member 1 year

“My experience at NCP has been wonderful. I waited until my second child was born to join and I wish I hadn’t. Some of my best mommy friends, who I wouldn’t survive as a stay at home mom without, have been made through NCP.”
~Rebecca, current member for 3 years

“My first year in the playgroup was truly great! I met so many new parents, created new friends and playdates for my children, and gave back to the community. I look forward to another fun filled year in the playspace!”
~Liz, current member for 1 year

“I first started at NCP when my first son was just 1 year old- I had no  “Mommy” friends and knew no one in town. Over the past three years I have met so many fantastic families and made what I hope to be life long friendships, for my sons and myself.”
~Sarah, current member for 3 years

“NCP has been my Tuesday morning activity with my kids for the past several years! Each week we come to play, to craft and snack!  This playgroup has also given me a chance to chat with other adults about new restaurants to try, to learn more about our town’s resources and learn about fun places to take the kids when it’s raining!  NCP is a win-win for the kids and adults!”
~Kellie, current member for 4 years

“I was a working mom until my second little one arrived and I decided I wanted to stay home.  Not having any family close by or friends with children, I decided to join Natick Cooperative Playgroup in the hopes that I would meet some moms and keep my sanity.  What a great decision!  I have made some amazing friends; other moms to laugh with, share with, complain with, and my kids look forward to going every week!  We can’t wait for September!”
~Eliza, current member for 2 years

“When I was home with my first child, I was wondering where all the other moms and kids were!  I found a music class and through that, I learned about the NCP.  After signing up, I soon came to look forward to the same day each week when my son and I would meet with other parents and children to talk and play.  As much as I knew it was excellent for my child, it was even better for me.  My friends and I discussed everything under the sun from what we did over the weekend, to what our kids were up to, to our thoughts about life in general.  Even though our children have now outgrown the playgroup, our friendships have continued over the years.  I’m so happy that I found where the moms and kids were all those years ago!”
~Laura, past member for 7 years